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Shred Fat…Using Intermittent Fasting?
Stubborn body fat can be frustrating.  Even when you’re training hard and being consistent in your fitness, sometimes you need[...]
6 Highly Effective Principles For Muscle Growth
Building eye-catching muscle takes a long time. As most of you already know, seeing more gains in your strength and[...]
The Ultimate Vegan Muscle Building Checklist
What’s your true training potential? How much muscle can you really build without living in the gym?If you’ve reached a[...]
Training Levels: For Busy Vegan Professionals
Building muscle takes a long time as you may have guessed.  Even when you are training hard, being consistent at[...]
How Busy Vegans Stay Lean Year-Long
Staying lean all year long isn’t a fantasy. Gaining fat year after year, getting tired of fad diets, and disliking the[...]
Vegan Fat Loss Principles 101
Fitness is a multi-faceted approach to life. It’s not only about going to the gym and hitting the weights. Fitness includes[...]