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The Simplest Diet Plan You’ll Ever See…

Why is eating healthy so confusing? Think about how many polar-opposite dieting facts you’ve heard of in your lifetime. Here are a few that came to my mind… Eat eggs. No, don’t eat eggs. Nevermind, you can now eat them. Eat fat. No, wait… fat is bad! Hold up, eat healthy fat and not bad […]

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This isn’t Just an Ordinary “Buzz Word”

There are some buzz words you probably hear so often, you end up tuning out when they come up. I’m going to guess that “inflammation” is likely one of those words. Not only is it a buzz word, it’s also a bit ambiguous if you aren’t really familiar with it. Inflammation is part of your […]

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Is the Goal Weight Loss? Then Try Doing This…

Weight loss is a magic word. Everyone wants it, but so few of us find it. Or maybe we find it for a little bit, but then we inevitably lose it. I’m sure you want to eat better because… well you want to lose weight. If we’re being really honest… we’d love to be able […]

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What do Sugar, Heroin, and Morphine Have in Common?

I have a confession to make. I’ve had a problem with sugar addiction. Actually, it’s still something I struggle with. And I know I’m not alone. In fact, I don’t know very many people who haven’t had a problem with sugar at some point. Why is that? Why do people crave sugar? If you remember […]

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Why this childhood habit is bad for you as an adult

You’ve heard of siblings like this, right? Three brothers, all within about 6 years of each other. Everything is a competition. Even eating. Whoever gets the food onto their plate first gets to eat it, but it had better be gone fast or it could get stolen. If the serving dish on the table only […]

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What If You Were Your Own Hero?

We idolize so many people and things in our culture. Both men and women want to look like fitness models – even though they know that deceitful tricks are used to get the models to look the way they do (Photoshop and dehydration being two biggies). Marvel Comics has a multi-billion dollar enterprise creating comic […]

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How to create “more” time by finding “lost” time

The universe bows to the man who knows what he wants.  Look around at this amazing planet we live on.  Look at the brilliance that is our species and all that we’ve accomplished.  Time, space, energy, are all concepts that we’re familiar.  But in order to achieve the things we want to in life, we […]

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